Why is virtual reality useful when learning German?

Learning German using VR is particularly ideal if:

  • German was not one of your favourite subjects at school

  • you don’t think you have a gift for languages

  • you are easily distracted

  • you don’t like learning grammar

  • you’re anxious about speaking

  • your learning environment is important to you

  • you only want to learn one small aspect of the language

I don’t think this type of training will suit you if:

  • you are prone to car sickness
  • you are claustrophobic
  • you find new technology very stressful
  • you are fully convinced that learning needs to be laborious and painful
  • you are an absolute control freak
  • Not sure whether learning German using VR is for you? Why not just try it out for an hour?

Do I only get virtual reality classes?

virtual reality is one of the various learning tools used and is a fantastic modern learning aid. we will use any tool that provides added value to you.

What does the training in virtual reality look like?

At Leande’s address: I stream what you see in the headset to my screen. We talk to each other. Remotely: We communicate with each other on a social VR platform. I help you with any questions (technical or otherwise). You can also borrow a headset from me.

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