Who? Where? When? How?

Is Katharina an experienced teacher?

I grew up in Hannover, where the best German is spoken 😉. 😉

I have taught German at universities and private institutions in Bochum and Hamburg (Germany), Katowice (Poland) and North Brabant (Netherlands). In addition, I have designed and taught German language courses and workshops and developed learning materials, both for groups and individual students and for young learners as well as adults.

My background: MA in German literature, political science and social psychology.Additional course of study in German as a foreign language / German as a second language in adult education. I am able to draw on a wealth of experience gained from more than 25 years of professional work.

In short: I have a wealth of experience of more than 25 years.

Do you offer different courses or training programmes?

Yes. Every course is different because the learning objectives, content, intensity, approach, etc. will vary.

We’ll discuss how we can tailor your programme to meet your needs.

How long does a typical course last?

There is no fixed number of hours for the language training programmes.
We’ll decide together on the duration and intensity of your course.

What are the costs and how long does one lesson last?

My rate is €77.50 per hour for comapnies, including VAT.
You’ll pay at the beginning of each hour-long lesson.
Alternatively, we can agree on a total price for your course.

The rate for private individuals is €50 per hour, including VAT.

School, college and university students are offered a special rate of €35.00 per hour, including VAT.

Where and when does the training take place?

There are no set lesson times. Dates and times will be agreed with you, along with a location.
Bear in mind that you might incur some travel costs. Virtual reality and online lessons are an option and these are extremely popular.

What should I bring with me / send to you?

Any materials that will help us to achieve your learning objective together.
Examples might include your emails, important websites, newspaper articles, any tests you have taken, etc.
For lessons taking place at Leande’s address, you should, in any case, bring along a pen, some paper and perhaps your laptop.

Will I have homework to do?

The more time you invest in your language learning, the faster you will see results. Spending 10 minutes on learning German each day is a minimum. If you can manage 45 minutes, that would be great.