Who are you, and why do you want to improve your German?

vakantie Duits

This is Tim.
For a few years now, he and his family have been holidaying in Austria. Unfortunately, Tim didn’t learn any German at school. So now he wants to be more self-reliant in German and learn to speak and understand the language better.

Duits leren zakelijk
This is Marion. She works as a senior project manager for a multinational company and is in daily contact with German-speaking clients. She now wants her communication with these clients to be in better, more businesslike German.
Vaktaal Duits professioneel
This is Paul.  In three months, he will be moving to Berlin for his studies. He has good basic German but wants to perfect his language skills and become better at reading more difficult German texts.
Student Duits Bijles
And this is João. He can get by in German but is looking for a German course that will improve his language skills and enable him to get a good pass grade in his final test.

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